Adjustable supports

Height-adjustable supports are an ideal solution if you need to raise the terrace / floor level to the required height. The height of the adjustable supports ranges between 20 mm and 1020 mm. The height of each support can also be adjusted and ranges between 8 and 105 mm, depending on the model. The supports are perfect when you need to stall floor / terrace on the roof, or in the poolside or flowerbed areas as it is a neat, simple and fast solution.


For high-complexity projects or situations additional accessories may be used:

Nuolydzio korekt_2015_05_04

Slope corrector

Paklotas po pjed_2015_05_04

The rubber mat

PVC support

Soft PVC support (5 × 50)

Montavimo įrankis

Installation tool

Installation / mounting.

The supports are ideal for use on the old floor, pre-installed thermal- or hydro-insulation layers or directly on the prepared soil. The ambient operating temperature should be between -30 and 60 ˚C.

InoWood terasa ant pjedestalu pries ir po1

An example of terrace installation using adjustable supports.