InoWood fencing, 100% of recycled biocomposite boards, will be appreciated by those who value sustainable and durable products. A fence with a natural appearance is not demanding – no regular maintenance is needed. It is resistant to impact and other external phenomena (e.g. climate changes), which makes it an outstanding alternative to a traditional wooden fence at an affordable price.

We offer a wide range of colors and profiles. The InoWood designers will create a fence based on your land plot and needs. Our team can carry out all mounting works in a professional manner. Additionally, we can install gates. In case you tend to build a fence yourselves, our fencing elements are fully ready for it: they are easy to install following mounting instructions we provide.



InoWood facade cladding system of 100% recycled biocomposite makes the most daring facade solutions possible. Facades are functional, durable, resistant to decoloration and external factors: insects, rotting, moisture, UV rays and unfavorable weather conditions.

Each facade of a house or other structure and its solutions are unique – an exterior should stand out not only in terms of its beauty but also durability. We offer a wide range of facade cladding elements. Façade systems are individually customized to each project – we can take care of designing and mounting, also advise on various subjects.



InoWood biocomposite terrace systems help us protect the environment – they contain no hazardous agents. Terrace boards of biocomposite is an outstanding alternative to traditional wood terrace boards, since their maintenance is minimal; boards are long lasting and durable, nonslippery, resistant to impact, rotting, moisture, UV rays and unfavorable weather conditions.

The InoWood specialists will design an inimitable and advanced terrace and perform all installation works. In the short term, our skilled professionals will properly mount flooring in your terrace or provide you with guidelines how you can do this yourselves.



InoWood biocomposite pergola – an unexpected, but already loved by clients, solution to protect cars, fire wood or other items from adverse weather conditions in every season of the year. How can your car benefit from this solution? In summer, it will not heat up in the direct sunlight, and you will be saved from clearing frost, removing snow, and scraping ice in winter.

A long lasting, durable and sustainable pergola will beautifully fit to the exterior of your house and other structures and stay in harmony with the landscape. We can design and install a modern pergola or gazebo in line with your wishes, needs and dreams.



InoFloor is durable and modern flooring, quick to install and very simple to maintain. Vinyl flooring is distinguished for its operational characteristics, being especially resistant to wearing out, water and moisture, therefore, it can be installed everywhere you need: in houses, commercial premises, offices or utility rooms.

Our specialists will help you decide on flooring that would best fit to your home or public space. They will also advise on colors and adjust the selected covering to meet your needs.



Biocomposite profiles can be useful in many industrial fields, such as construction, furniture, automotive industries – everywhere when an alternative to wood or organic plastic is required. Our composite profiles can be also used to build bridges, piers, foot-bridges, pool terraces, garden beds, nesting-boxes, hives and to manufacture indoor and outdoor furniture. Sustainable solutions can be integrated in each and every project.

We take care of the environment – our products are manufactured exceptionally from recycled raw materials, without any hazardous agents, and they are 100% recyclable. We are proud to be the only manufacturer of biocomposite facades in Lithuania.