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Biocomposite profiles can be useful in many industrial fields, such as construction, furniture, automotive industries – everywhere when an alternative to wood or organic plastic is required. Our composite profiles can be also used to build bridges, piers, foot-bridges, pool terraces, garden beds, nesting-boxes, hives and to manufacture indoor and outdoor furniture. Sustainable solutions can be integrated in each and every project.

We take care of the environment – our products are manufactured exceptionally from recycled raw materials, without any hazardous agents, and they are 100% recyclable. We are proud to be the only manufacturer of biocomposite facades in Lithuania.

Application potentials of biocomposite are vast, including raised garden beds, benches, bridges, piers, foot-bridges, also making indoor or outdoor furniture, nesting-boxes or hive. Sustainable and long lasting solutions of InoWood biocomposite profiles can be integrated in every project.