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About InoWood

In production and business, we are named as an example of a circular economy, in everyday life we ​​create a more beautiful and practical environment, but we are most happy to be a part of ecology and give a second life to recycled secondary raw materials!

InoWood WPC products are becoming more and more popular not only in residential but also in public spaces due to their durability. Everyone wins - we produce extremely durable and practical WPC products for you, and at the same time we protect nature and the environment.

Reducing consumerism is not a fad, but a sign of a more conscious and mature society.

InoWood protects the environment - we only produce from recycled raw materials, we do not use hazardous materials, and our products are 100% from secondary raw materials and can be recycled again and again. We focus all our attention on the highest quality of the product. The factory has six modern extrusion lines operating 24 hours a day. non stop. Highly qualified technologists ensure the maintenance of extrusion lines. We constantly check the quality of products, we conduct laboratory tests in compliance with international standards.


InoWood production is certified - flammability class B-roof and B-floor .

in 2013 The German laboratory SKZ conducted tests on InoWood wood-plastic composite terrace boards and confirmed that they meet the requirements of the WPC manufacturers' association QG-Holzwerkstoffe . For that purpose, the commission of this institution conducted an inspection of the production control system and issued a quality certificate giving the right to use the quality label.

We have also carried out technical tests of Inowood products at the KTU laboratory center and   the Fire Research Center , the flammability class of WPC boards produced by Inowood was checked. They did not burn at 695 °C! 

Our products meet the highest quality standards.

Company History

In 1993

In 2012 

In 2013

UAB InterVilža, founded in 1992 , has been operating as a manufacturing company since 1935. Initially, it was an artel that produced plastic combs and buttons, later, as the factory expanded and other companies were connected, the association "Neringa" was founded, famous for its plastic toys. During the privatization process, after the merger split, a company was established - UAB "InterVilža".

Production of BIO composite begins. At that time, the company creates the brand "InoWood" . Today, we are the largest producers of wood-plastic composites in the Baltic States . 6 production lines operate continuously 24 hours a day. The Lithuanian capital company has been producing the highest quality WPC profiles for seven years. InoWood, named as "Eternal wood", means more than durability or other excellent operational properties, it is a material that protects the environment and nature. 100% organic boards, they do not contain lead, primary petroleum products are not used in their production, and trees are protected when processing wood dust.

Since 2013 InoWood products are certified according to the highest requirements for this type of product. The German laboratory SKZ conducted tests on "InoWood" wood-plastic composite (WPC) terrace boards and confirmed that they meet the requirements of the WPC manufacturers' association QG-Holzwerkstoffe. 




We are the only ones in Lithuania that produce bio composite products for fences, facades and terraces. We adapt various desired non-standard solutions. We produce only from recycled raw materials, we do not use dangerous substances, all products are 100% recyclable.

We constantly check the quality of our products, we conduct laboratory tests in compliance with international standards.

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This is the first step towards the facade, fence, terrace or other interior and exterior finishing elements of your dream house. A team of competent specialists will design a solution that meets your vision.

If necessary, we consult architects or a team of designers and address the issues of concern: which building facade is the most durable, what are the requirements for installing a roof, terrace, or how much does installation cost.

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InoWood specialists will promptly and professionally install various wood-plastic bio-composite products in your home, office, and public spaces. For those who wish to install it themselves, we provide installation instructions and consultations.

We provide clients with a guarantee for the work performed, and we provide prompt advice on all issues that arise.


Bio composite profiles can be used in many industries in the construction industry, furniture production, automotive industry, wherever an alternative to wood or organic plastic is needed. The composite profiles we produce can be used to install bridges, piers, piers, pool terraces, beds, nests, beehives, and in the production of indoor or outdoor furniture. We can tailor sustainable solutions to each of your projects.


The company currently produces:

  • BIO composite (WPC) profile - terraces,, fences, fence segments, finishing boards and siding

  • PVC (polyvinyl chloride) profile - plastic paneling for interior and exterior decoration.

  • Plastic technical profiles. We produce technical profiles for various purposes, and the accumulated long-term experience of the company's technologists and designers and production capacity allow us to fulfill any orders for non-standard profiles.

We currently offer our customers the following product groups from bio-composite (WPC):

WPC facades and fences samples by Inowood

Facade decoration, lamellas, partitions, canopies, shutters

Fences, railings, walls, barriers, segmental fences, sliding gate solutions, fences with metal or glass inserts

bio composite terraces and other products by Inowood

Terraces and their accessories, benches, pots, stairs, sites, platforms, steps, piers

Lamps, flowerpots, nesting boxes, canopies for solar power plants, container storage, covering air conditioning units, grill tables, lounge chairs

Our Clients

InoWood products have already been chosen and integrated into their projects by various Lithuanian and foreign companies and private clients:

InoWood team provides advice to architects, builders, private and business customers, answering various questions. Our specialists, professionals and qualified experts provide various services, such as balcony installation, facade installation, terrace installation, etc. The cost of the installation depends on many factors, including the needs of the customer, the purpose of the building, the area, the type of installation and other important factors that we will evaluate after familiarizing ourselves with the future project.

Place an order in our store or send the available information about the planned project - we will help you choose and provide you with a price offer for production, design, delivery and installation. 

Did not find the right product for you? Contact us - we are always ready to asist.
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