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Apr 7, 2021

For the implementation of the project, the InoWood team used the help and consultations of both professional architects and foreign partners.

In Kaunas, the city's largest business center Magnum opened its doors, with an area of 32,000 square meters. m². The A+ energy class building harmoniously blended into the surrounding architecture, gave it even more modernity, and allowed the employees and guests of the business center to enjoy the unique panorama of the temporary capital. When installing the terrace of the new building, InoWood terrace boards were chosen.

Solid terrace boards from the Lithuanian manufacturer are non-flammable, durable, practical and perfectly adapted to public spaces. It is a great alternative to the standard solution of conventional wooden decking boards. Terrace boards made of bio-composite require minimal maintenance, are non-slip and resistant to various external factors.

The installation of the terrace in the business center posed several challenges to the company team - how to solve the issues of height and space, how to adapt to the technological features of the terrace. Therefore, the InoWood team used the help and consultations of both professional architects and foreign partners.

The original project helped distinguish the wood-plastic terrace boards, outdoor cladding panels produced by InoWood and their advantages. It also revealed the wide possibilities of using bio-composite profiles. For the Magnum project, 6 m long bio-composite decking boards were produced, which were cut by the contractors on the construction site and adapted to the site, as practicality and ergonomics had to be balanced with the complex planning and elevations.

InoWood terrace installation is particularly competitive in terms of price and quality in the market. The price of terrace boards, terrace installation depends on the area of the customer's project, technical requirements and parameters, amount of materials and many other criteria.

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