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"Vingis" park benches

Vingis Park, Vilnius, Vilnius City Municipality, Lithuania




After the reconstruction of the stage of Vingis Park located in the capital, the facade of the building was renewed, the common rooms were arranged, an outdoor electrical and public address system was installed, as well as the worn wooden benches were renovated. During the renovation, when renovating the benches on the platform, the main customer - the city municipality - chose outdoor cladding panels from the manufacturer InoWood. Long-lasting, easy-to-maintain bio-composite, from which the new benches are made, has become an excellent alternative to wood.

Vingios Park is one of the main attractions for Vilnius residents and city guests. in 1965 this space was reconstructed, adapted for mass events and recreation. Vingios Park stage was built in the great square, and a 2 ha square was built. The park and the stage located in it have a rich history - the most important events in Lithuania took place and are still taking place here, such as the Song Festival. Therefore, it is especially important to ensure a high-quality experience and comfort for all participants, the safety of children playing, and to harmoniously integrate the stage building into the surrounding nature.

InoWood's wood-plastic composite product - bench profile PS met all the requirements for sustainability and environmental friendliness of the material. The company's representatives are happy that more and more architects and designers are discovering bio-composite profiles and appreciate their naturalness and high quality.

Plastic boards and WPC boards offered by the manufacturer are in demand in the construction market today. The company contributes both to the construction and renovation of objects of state importance, as well as to the construction of private houses, summer houses or other objects. The aim is to provide each customer with a modern solution that meets all the requirements of the technical project and individual needs.

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