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INOBOX is a sustainable shelter for waste containers

InoWood Lietuva, Savanorių prospektas, Vilnius, Vilnius City Municipality, Lithuania



In these times of increased consumption, the issue of waste sorting, storage and storage must be relevant to people.

It's nice when more people realize that sorting is an integral part of our household. There must be three waste containers in the yard of every private house - for paper, glass and mixed waste. The waste handlers of the city municipality take them out every two weeks. But it often happens that larger families or those who prefer shopping fill the mixed waste containers (240 l) faster than they are removed. An overflowing waste container with garbage bags sticking out of the edges really does not decorate the home environment. Birds or animals tear/bite plastic bags and carry waste around the street, yards, forests and parks. Which again does not decorate our environment and is even more unpleasant - various diseases and bacteria can spread.

Apartment yards are already equipped with innovative, in-ground, fenced, lockable storage options for waste containers. It even decorates the yards in a way. Garbage is not thrown, less work for the janitors.

InoWood has created a sustainable and strong container shelter - InoBox. In addition, this shelter can be used not only to hide garbage containers, but also as a storage room for garden tools, lawnmowers, bicycles or motorcycles. The metal frame is a structure covered with powder paint, the filling of wood-plastic composite boards is undoubtedly an eternal product.

The variety of colors of the biocomposite profiles produced in Lithuania makes it possible to combine this shelter with a WPC board fence, terrace, raised beds or other InoWood products of small yard architecture. It will create an attractive, cozy and sustainable environment. All our biocomposite profiles are 100% recycled and recyclable, thus contributing to the preservation of a clean environment for future generations.

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