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Terrace and wall from InoWood profiles





InoWood's solutions are integrated in the enclosed yard next to the modern building. The company made a cozy terrace and wall. The new terrace boards and wall boards are made from bio-composite profiles that are 100% recycled and recyclable, so they protect the environment, trees and are safe.

Terraces near the house are an increasingly popular solution that decorates the environment. This space is distinguished by its functionality - the terrace can be adapted to a rest, leisure, work area, its wall provides privacy and stylistic integrity, and the canopy installed on the terrace perfectly protects against unwanted natural phenomena, such as rain or snow.

A standard terrace is an uncomplicated structure, so the installation of terraces is a relatively simple process. However, the terrace, as well as the main building on the plot, must be laid, and a suitable foundation must be chosen. InoWood specialists often advise customers on the installation of terraces and various other structures - residents sometimes install terraces and walls independently, after consulting with professionals.

Lithuanian architects, construction companies and developers or individual individuals increasingly appreciate the importance of sustainability and choose the profiles and consultations of innovative Lithuanian manufacturers. The price of our company's bio-composite terrace board depends on the customer's project type, area, technical parameters, installation work and other related factors.

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