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InoDeck for terraces

The InoDeck bio-composite terrace system is intended for the installation of terraces of various sizes, shapes and desired colors, bridges, areas near the pool or piers.

The InoDeck terrace is a perfect extension of the building, separating the exterior and interior spaces. The long-lasting terrace covering is ready to withstand heavy weight, moisture and temperature fluctuations. Together we will find an aesthetic and comfortable solution.

InoWood specialists design terraces according to the data provided by the customer, adapt the products according to the architectural project or the customer's vision. A professional installation team can perform all installation-related work quickly and with quality, or we will provide recommendations on how to install it yourself.

Installation of InoDeck terraces

InoDeck terrace systems are installed using BIOcomposite (WPC–woodplastic composite) terrace boards.

You will install a terrace made of wood-plastic composite boards using WPC or galvanized metal cross beams, end cover profiles and special stainless steel or plastic board fixing brackets.

The brackets are fixed with self-tapping screws using conventional tools, so the installation of the terrace using InoWood products will be simple, easy and fast! Wood-plastic composite boards for terraces are much more resistant than wooden boards, so a WPC board terrace is the most optimal solution in terms of price, quality and time.

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