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Bio composite

These are wood-plastic composite products. This raw material consists of two parts - polymers and wood (usually sawdust or wood flour). The appearance of wood-plastic composite products with a soft and smooth surface, smelling of wood, is no different from natural wood. Wood-plastic composite products are widely used in rainy and waterlogged areas and are valued for their unique combination of high surface hardness, resistance to water and UV rays, and low maintenance.







Easy maintenance






Plastic (window PVC), wood (wood dust/ground wood) and additives are used for the production of InoWood wood-plastic composite material. Depending on the purpose of the product, the composition of the InoWood material, expressed as a percentage, contains ~50 percent. wood fiber and about 50 percent. polymers (including various stabilizing additives - lubricants, fungicides, antioxidants, UV filters, stabilizers). This composition leads to increased resistance to moisture, mechanical damage, mold or fire. 100% recyclable raw material

sustainable WPC (bio composite) products by Inowood
WPC bio composite pergola construction


Bio-composite products are extremely versatile and can be easily applied to finishing facades, fences, terraces, and small architectural solutions. InoWood has created lamps, canopies, benches, nesting-box and many other unexpected solutions for how this material can be used. If you need coziness, durability to implement a unique vision - the InoWood team is ready to help. 

Certified production

The material is resistant to:

For water vapor, moisture, water

 For cold, temperature fluctuations, sun exposure

Completely resistant to salt and chlorinated water


The dimensions are extremely accurate


There are no properties specific to wood:

Cracking, splitting, patterns, branches

Slipperiness - even with a completely wet surface

Small longitudinal elongation - 2 mm/1 m

Does not burn

aesthetic solution for bio composite bench


During production, a solid color and texture is obtained, which allows the implementation of minimalist and modern visions of both exterior and interior. Biocomposite is produced in various colors, and we can also produce unique colors according to the customer's needs or the architect's vision - so we can help implement both large-scale and small-scale modern projects that will last almost indefinitely without losing their properties.

Ease of maintenance

WPC can be cleaned with high pressure washers

Does not require additional maintenance

Fasteners are easily screwed in, the opening does not split, there is no need to pre-drill holes

Simple and quick to install using common tools

Properties of BIO composite raw material

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Color Palette

InoWood products are produced in six main colors, but if necessary, wood-plastic composite products can be made in a wide variety of colors.

The most popular standard colors are: anthracite (color code - 09), brown (color code - 10) and gray (color code - 08). Products in standard colors are produced within 1-3 weeks, and the production term for non-standard colors is agreed individually with each customer.

The raw material of the wood-plastic composite contains natural wood fibers, so it is understandable that the color saturation can change under the influence of the sun and moisture. After installation, color saturation - depth usually stabilizes within 6-8 weeks depending on weather conditions, and there may be slight changes in color saturation in each batch.

*Due to different monitor display settings, the actual color intensity may differ from the image.

Application options


Facade siding

InoSide – is a solution for cladding house facades and sheds. Thanks to this system, the facade of the house will be long-lasting, and its appearance will be impeccable.

Fences and segments

InoFence - durable fences, railings, walls, barriers, segmental fences, sliding gate solutions, fences with metal or glass inserts.


The wood-plastic composite terrace system InoDeck is intended for the installation of terrace sites, bridges or piers of various sizes, shapes and desired colors.

Canopies, pergolas, lamps, benches, platforms, pots, stairs - just a few of the many ways we can use biocomposite products.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the implemented projects in our gallery.

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