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InoFence for fences

The InoFence fence, made of 100% recycled bio-composite boards, will appeal to those who value ecological and long-lasting products. The natural-looking fence does not require constant maintenance and is resistant to impacts and other external phenomena (climate changes), so it is an excellent alternative to a traditional wooden fence at an optimal price.

InoFence bio-composite fence can easily be used in residential projects or in the spaces of public administrative buildings. A high-quality fence and gate will complement the living environment, give it aesthetics, protect the territory from unwanted persons or animals.

We will listen to the customer's needs and offer a sustainable and high-quality solution.

InoWood specialists design fences according to the data provided by the customer, adapt the products according to the architectural project or the customer's vision. A professional installation team can perform all installation-related work quickly and with quality, or we will provide recommendations on how to install it yourself.

InoFence fence installation

Main components of InoWood fence: composite boards, post profile and covering. If the base is ready - thanks to these profiles, you will install a wood-plastic composite fence easily and quickly.

Installation instructions can be found in the downloads section.

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