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Segment fences

InoWood bio composite fence segments are made of a unique wood plastic composite consisting of 50% wood flour and 50% recycled PVC. These fence boards do not require special care, as they do not require constant repainting, oiling or impregnation with antiseptics. They retain their color, do not fade and are resistant to rot, moisture, UV rays, frost and fungi.

Strong Frame made of steel and aluminum, powder-coated, ensures durability and strength of the fence. With our BIOcomposite fence segments, you will enrich your environment with durability and ecology.

InoWood specialists design fences according to the data provided by the customer, customize the products according to the architectural project or the customer's vision. A professional installation team can perform all installation-related work quickly and with quality, or we will provide recommendations on how to install it yourself.

Installation of a segmental fence

Installation is simple - just attach the segments to the posts. In addition, you can purchase aesthetic posts made of the same wood plastic composite material.

InoWood bio composite products are 100% ecological, we do not use hazardous materials in production, and fence boards are completely recyclable. The soft, smooth surface is reminiscent of wood and is almost indistinguishable from natural wood, without its flaws. The density of the profiles produced by us is higher than that of other manufacturers, ensuring greater resistance to mechanical impact and wear. The fence boards are non-flammable and easy to wash with high-pressure washing equipment

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